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Operating Systems

Pre-requisites, Topics and outcomes

Course name: BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications), II year, 2023. Institute name: JNV University, Jodhpur

Pre-requisites: C Programming and Computer fundamentals, Computer Architecture and Organization

Introduction to Operating Systems


Operating Systems Definitions, Types of operating system, Functionalities and Characteristics of OS, Hardware Concepts related to OS, Operating system Services, System Calls, System structure.

Process Management


Process concepts. Process state & process control block, process scheduling, scheduling criteria, scheduling algorithms, multiple-processor scheduling, real-time scheduling, threads, threads in linux

Process Synchronization


Critical section problem, semaphores, classical problem of synchronization, deadlock characterization. methods for handling deadlocks, deadlock prevention, deadlock avoidance, deadlock detection, recovery from deadlock, process scheduling in linux.

Memory Management


Logical versus physical address space, swapping, contiguous allocating, paging, segmentation, virtual memory, demand paging, performance of demand paging, page replacement, pagement algorithms, memory management in Linux.

I/O Management


Disk scheduling, Disk management, swap space management, disk reliability, stable storage implementation, file concepts, directory structures, file system in Linux.