Guidelines for typesetting Master's and PhD Dissertations

1. Tips for Pursuing Research in Science pdf

2. Master's Thesis Guidelines

3. Latex Templates for writing PhD / Master's Thesis:

(Note: Download all the following files in a folder, uncompress in folder named as "figures", then compile the thesis.tex file to dvi/pdf using kile or any variant of Latex)

Abstract  abstract.tex
Acknowledgement ack.tex
Chapter1 .tex 
Chapter2 .tex 
Chapter3 .tex 
Chapter4 .tex 
Chapter5 .tex 
Chapter6 .tex 
Bibliographic References .bib 
Biblatex style file biblatex.sty 
Thesis style file thesis.sty 
Root file of Thesis thesis.tex 
Thesis file generated in pdf thesis.pdf  

4. Latex/doc templates for research articles:

Latex Templates for IEEE Conference article:    .tex   pdf
MS Word Templates for IEEE Conference article:    .doc
Latex Templates for IEEE Transactions article:    .tex  pdf
Latex Templates for IEEE Transactions details:   pdf

5. Tips for Computer science Research and Writing (Talk at JIETSETG 20/04/2014) pdf

6. Scientific Writing

Mathematical Writing (Americal Mathematical Society, Donald E. Knuth)