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Speech and Natural Languages Processing

Pre-requisites, Course Objectives and outcomes

Pre-requisites: Data Structures & Algorithms, Discrete Mathematical Structures

Course Objectives

The Natural language Processing(NLP) is concerned with recognition and representation of Natural language texts.

The objective the NLSP course is to understand the basic principles of Speech Processing and Natural Language Processing. The Speech Processing is concerned with conversion of human speech to text form. It covers: Phonetics,Human speech production system, phonemes, syllables, and words. Various probabilistic models are used for realization of conversion from voice signals to text.

Speech Processing

Phonetics is an important part of speech processing. It covers articulation phonetics, acoustical phonetics, and auditory phonetics. The phonetic part covers, pronunciation and its rules, and how the speech sound is generated.

Natural Language Processing

Natural language processing covers basic theory of linguistics, lexical analysis, syntax analysis, parts-of-tagging, parsing, pragmatics, and discourse analysis.