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Computer Science e-Learning for University Students

Hosted by, Prof. K R Chowdhary (Former Prof. & Head, Computer Science, M B M Engineering College, J N V University, Jodhpur (India)

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Welcome to my personal website! Throughout my career, I had the privilege of serving as an educator at various esteemed institutions. I was a part of the faculty at M B M from 1985 to 2013, taught at the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IITJ) from 2010 to 2017, and at JIET (Jodhpur Institute of Engineering & Technology) (2014-2020). Additionally, I held the position of Director and Professor at JIET for a significant span of approximately seven years.   More About...

This website serves as a comprehensive resource, housing Lecture notes, Tutorials, and Assignments tailored for both undergraduate and postgraduate students pursuing computer science. The materials presented here were meticulously crafted and typeset by me using LaTeX and HTML. They have been refined and improved over time, reflecting the dedication and passion I poured into these courses during my tenure as an educator. Explore the wealth of knowledge and resources I've compiled for the benefit of all enthusiasts pursuing their undergraduate and graduate programs.

Books Authored

e-Learning Lectures and Tutorials

These e-learning resources cater to a broad audience by offering comprehensive lecture notes and tutorials on various computer science topics: from foundational knowledge in Computer Fundamentals and C Programming to advanced subjects like Artificial Intelligence, Computer Organization & Architecture, Theory of Computation, Operating Systems, Compiler Design, Natural Language & Speech Processing, Theory of Formal Languages, Advanced Algorithms, and Distributed Algorithms. These materials provide accessible and informative content for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of diverse aspects of computer science, making it suitable for both beginners and those pursuing advanced studies in the field.

A. Computer Fundamentals with C Programming

B. For B.E./B.Tech./MCA/Msc. (Computer Science & Engineering)

C. For M.E./M.Tech./PhD. Programs (Computer Science & Engineering)

PhD Research Methodology (Engineering)

Faculty Development (for Engineering Courses)

Faculty development in Engineering is crucial as it empowers educators with the latest advancements in technology, pedagogy, and industry practices, ensuring they deliver relevant and high-quality education to students. By continuously updating their skills and knowledge, faculty members can better prepare students for the dynamic and rapidly evolving landscape of engineering, fostering innovation and excellence in the field.

Faculty Development Lectures/Talks  (Lectures' PPTs)

CS Blogs

The Blogs section delves into cutting-edge technologies, in-depth analysis, and crucial domains within the realm of computer science, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). It explores their profound influence on both the industrial landscape and society as a whole.  Computer science Blogs